Marissa Joy 

Capturing Brands & Experiential Events

I am Marissa Joy Daly of Marissa Joy Photography. I was raised in North Carolina, went to college in Boston, spent 2 years in DC, and now have lived in Los Angeles for the last 9 years. I incorporate artistic and documentary moments into all my work. From premieres to branding events, I adore being able to make each occasion as special as the next.

Fun Facts

I don't like fruit...I know, it's weird.

My husband and I have two littles - Julian (4) and Savannah (2). Hearing those racing, little footsteps from another room is the best sound in the world.

Zoe is our rescue German Shepherd mix. I am very passionate about animal welfare and I spend a dedicated amount of time photographing shelter animals and helping place them in forever homes.

In college, I was featured in National Geographic for a photojournalism piece focusing on Americans in the rural Blue Ridge Mountains.

I studied abroad in Florence, Italy while attending Boston College.

Marissa specializes in brand awareness and experiential photography

Clients Include: Meta, Instgram, Netflix, Amazon Studios, Hulu, HBO, Absolut Vodka, Dove, Peloton, Glossier, Benefit, E! Network, Estee Lauder, Wet n' Wild, Hourglass, Cone Denim, and Samsung.


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