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Each time we went on a family trip as a kid, I always looked forward to the part when my grandfather handed me his Minolta camera so I could run off and document our adventures. At first, I took 20 photos of the same sunset or bird, then hurried back to my grandfather and asked for more film. Purposefully, he always denied me and instead replied, "The world is a beautiful place with many beautiful things to photograph, but it's up to you how to capture it and how you present it to the world - think about every shot before you take it." I realized I had to be more diverse, more creative, and more intentional. Over the years, I have taken that advice to heart and trained myself to always photograph something others wouldn't necessarily think of: the often overlooked moments that allow something to become extraordinary and magical.

I have been lucky to have been exposed to various cultures, languages, and perspectives over the years. They range from growing up in the South, to moving to New England to study at Boston College, to living in Florence, Italy. It is from these experiences that my photographic eye has expanded and developed. This invaluable journey has shaped the photographer I am today and I feel extremely privileged to document some of the most important transitions in people's lives - whether it is on your wedding day, two weeks after you have your first child, or even just a fun day as a family.

Marissa currently divides her time between
California and North Carolina.

Her clients include Amazon Studios, Netflix, Hulu, Peloton Glossier, Benefit, Absolut Vodka,
Dove, and Samsung